Sam I am, I am Sam. Do you like green eggs and ham? 
I’m an award winning filmmaker and vfx artist based in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up on a small urban farm in Cincinnati, OH.  From a young age I would sit in the dirt and tell stories to myself with sticks and rocks. As I progressed in years, I found the art form of film and it's technical natures as a way to carry on my pursuit of sharing stories with the world and challenge myself at the same time. In recent years I have made several films as a director and am working on several feature scripts. 
In addition to directing, I am also a freelance vfx artist working on everything from music videos to feature films. I regularly work between Fusion, Blender, After Effects, Mocha Pro, Unreal Engine 5 and a number of other pieces of software as the project best desires. Have a project and want to chat? Send me a message on the contact me page

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